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All Birthday cakes

Luxury cakes 4U offer fully personalised cakes, birthdays cakes, anniversary cake, religious cakes, thank you cakes and other, near 200 cakes designs! We have the best looking fresh cream cakes and icing cakes with range of flavours to choose: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Blueberry. Our online cake ordering is quick and simple. In under 2 minutes, you can have a cake with your image ordered ready for your next celebration.


Royal Pink Rose icing cake
Choco Strawberry cream cake
BD052 Cream cake
Lady in White Cream cake
BD053 Cream cake
My Unicorn icing cake
Marble icing cake
BD055 icing cake
Creamy creation. Icing cake with cream
Only Chocolate cream cake
Birthday square cream cake
BD058 Cream cake
Royal White Rose icing cake
Treasure surprise cake
BD060 Icing cake
Number cream cake with fruits
BD061 cream cake
Frozen Cake
BD062 Cream cake
Number cream cake with flowers
BD063 Cream cake
Rose Gold Cake with a Bottle
BD064 Cream cake
Marble icing cake with surprise
BD066 icing cake
Sweet fantasy cream cake