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Occasional cakes

Wedding cakes

Our handmade wedding cakes are the ultimate perfect creation on your special day, freshly baked as single or double tiers.


Marble cake
W003 Icing Cake
Blackout Cake Luxury design. Best price on the market.
W001 Wedding Icing cake
Gold and white celebration cake
W002 Icing cake
Magnolia cake
W004 Icing with Cream cake
Pink fantasy cream cake
Cream cake with rose
Luxury cake White rose single
W008 icing cake
Royal Rose Luxury cake
W009 icing cake
Royal white rose icing cake
W011 Icing cake with cream
Royal Rose Luxury cake 2 tiers
W010 icing cake
Naked cake with fruits
W012 Cream cake 2 tiers
Wedding cake with Roses
Wedding Black and White Icing cake 2 tiers
W15 Icing cake
Wedding cake Black and white
W16 Icing cake
Wedding Icing cake.
W17 Icing cake
Crown cream cake White
W18 Cream cake